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Mount Airy is the center of three main areas like Northwest Philly areas, sitting among Germantown and Chestnut Hill. It stays one of the city’s most racially and financially different regions, with a multicultural energy and homes on its East and West sides going from $250,000 to $1.5 million. People are more inclined to shift here owing to more trees, more house and all the more tranquil.

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Why you should purchase a home in Mount Airy?

Back in Colonial times, Mt. Airy was Philadelphia’s unique summer resort. As a matter of fact, the local takes its name from its absolute first “country estate”: Mount Airy, the late spring bequest worked by noticeable neighborhood dealer and notable Chief Justice William Allen, who gave it that name as a result of the cool breezes that blew past his ridge home. Today the Lutheran Theological Seminary calls the site of Mount Airy home.

The area is full of natural beauty and comes with great weather. The area is full of natural resorts where families can go and enjoy themselves. Therefore, it gives a sense of openness and comfort for healing you internally. Thus, giving you peaceful feelings.

Population of Mount Airy:

If you look at the demographics of Mount Airy, you will come to know that the region is a mix of African-American, Caucasian and other races. Mount Airy and its residents take pride for their warmth and acknowledgment of individuals from varying backgrounds. In 2010 demographic survey, the population of the area was around 27000 with 11,900 house and 6600 families.

Public Transportation in Mount Airy:

SEPTA Regional Rail: Washington Lane, Stenton, Sedgwick and Mount Airy stations, Chestnut Hill East Line; Upsal, Carpenter and Allen Lane stations, Chestnut Hill West Line

SEPTA Bus Routes: 18, on Chew Avenue, Phil-Ellena Street and Vernon Road; 23, on Germantown Avenue; 53, on Wayne Avenue; H, on Greene Street, Johnson Street, Lincoln Drive, McCallum Street and Mt. Charming Avenue; L, on Stenton Avenue; XH, on Washington Lane

Restaurants and Food in Mount Airy

The restaurants at Mount Airy are worth experiencing. Specialty food merchants: The Weavers Way Co-operation (559 Carpenter Lane) has been established at Mt. Airy since 1972. Stressing reasonably created, natural and fair exchange food sources, the center likewise upholds various smart dieting and local area farming projects in Northwest Philly and environs and has stretched out into Chestnut Hill and rural Ambler as well as aided send off a center in Elkins Park.

What attracts individuals to the region is the metropolitan feel with bigger yards, trees, somewhat more in the middle among homes and an exuberant eatery and bar scene, the majority of which takes care of families with kids. There is major areas of strength for a of local area with a great deal of variety, admittance to public transportation and local area cultivates, a center supermarket (Weavers Way) and inconceivable jungle gyms. The neighborhood grade school catchments have a lot of local area venture and inclusion and are very much respected. It’s a simple drive into Center City on the train with a few lines that go through it as well as simple admittance to suburbia.

Real Estate Market At Mount Airy:

The real estate market in Mount Airy is seeing extraordinary growth in  the recent times. There is a lot more inclination towards the purchase of the homes available in affordable and attractive price ranges. It is normal to see a house that shows well and is estimated at market worth to get 10 or more offers.

As far as the ration of Rent and owning a home is concerned, the ratio is tilted towards the owning the home. Almost 59% people own their home compared to 41% of rent. The average value of the home is 373, 262 USD whereas the rent is around 1180 USD. Although there are homes that value more than 750K USD, but there percentage is less than the 200 to 400 K USD. The properties at Mount Airy have better interiors and exterior designs. According to a survey around 50% people are satisfied with the exterior quality of homes while more than 75% are satisfied with the quality of interior of homes. Besides, people are satisfied with the variety of the homes available in the area. 75% of residents say that they are happy with the home variety whereas 50% say that mostly properties are occupied.

Likewise, there is ample space for parking of vehicles as well. Around 75% of the residents say that parking is available. So there is contentment regarding the availability of the space is far more. Hence, you can buy  you home at Mount Airy as there are many homes for sale in the area.

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